Create simple group pack lists for your next gathering!

Define the items your group needs for your next trip, festival or gathering and let the people decide who can bring what. Never have more than necessary and less than needed!
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In which situations can help?

Party / Festival
Party / Festival organization:
List everything you need for a great party or festival trip. There is nothing worse than a badly planned party!
Trip organization:
Organizing a trip with your friends can be complicated. Everyone brought a stove, but nobody brought a flashlight? Sucks!
Gathering organization:
A small BBQ at the beach with friends, or are you throwing a neighborhood party? Let's see who can bring what!
Business meeting organization:
Poorly planned meetings can be chaotic and unnecessarily long due to a lack of materials. It's better to plan with your colleagues and have a smooth meeting!

Which features does whobrings have?

Add items which your group needs to a simple list.
Everybody can assign what he or she can bring.
Not sure if you need an item? Start a vote by adding an ? to the item title.
Set the amount and unit of the items you need.
Simply share your list with the whole group.
Live Sync
Every list update is visible for anyone live. No screen refresh is needed.